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The Raccoon is easily recognizable by its black-and-white-rimmed tail and black masked face. It is medium in size, but the male is larger than the female. He has small hands very good at handling small objects.

His legs are short and equipped with claws that facilitate the climb in the trees. He is a good swimmer, but on earth his step is slow. He lives mostly in the woods, but he can be found in the parks of the suburbs and cities, because he does not fear the presence of man.

He is not capricious about food, he eats everything. In the water he eats crayfish, oysters and insect larvae. It is said that he washes his food before eating it but it is a mistake, he wets his food but eats it often without having done it.

On the land, he feeds on earthworms, snakes, frogs, and even rabbits that make his happiness. He likes berries and acorns and is fond of corn. When it is within reach, he searches the garbage cans and gives himself a good meal.

He gets a lot of weight during the summer, his fat will allow him to spend the winter in a half-sleep. He will wake up sometimes and leave his hiding place even if it is very cold and will return there to continue his rest until spring. In the summer he sleeps all day in his shelter to get out only at sunset, rarely before.

The mating season occurs during the winter. The male goes from one den to another hoping to find a female in heat. The female goes in search of a den to give birth to her cubs who are born blind and hairless. At the 3rd week their eyes open and at the 10th they come out of the den with their mother. At the age of 3 1/2 months they go out alone during the night. Their first winter is with their mother, but in the spring they take care of their own lives.

The raccoon is peaceful and solitary. The presence of others does not bother him at all. In nature the life span of the raccoon is 2 to 3 years, but in captivity it could live up to 13 years. Its predators are among others the gray wolf, the red fox, the coyote, the great duke who attacks especially small.

The raccoon who feeds in garbage cans calms his hunger, but it harms his health. It is recommended that you keep your garbage in safe containers.

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