Animal Capture and Removal

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Animal Control & Wildlife Animal Removal

Wild animals like skunks and racoons often suffer from diseases such as rabies. One bite and you could be contaminated! It is thus important to be prudent and call professional exterminators to remove the animal in a safe manner.

Guet-Apens Extermination experts capture wild animals and relocate them. The relocation is part of our ethical policy, but it also reassures you that the animal will not return.

Skunks and racoons hide in garages and sheds, or underneath houses. They tend to dig holes in and around where they live in order to snack on white worms.

As a result, your property and land will sustain damages.

Cage Capture Animaux | Guet-Apens Extermination

Wild or Stray Animal Capture

Our experts use bait to capture wild animals, whether it be a racoon, skunk, squirrel or other. Once in the cage, we transport the creature to an appropriate habitat (park, wooded area, etc.).

Capture de Raton Laveur | Guet-Apens Extermination

Capturing Birds & Bats

To capture birds and bats, we use nets. Once caught, as with wild animals, we relocate these winged creatures to a more appropriate habitat.

Capture de Chauve-souris | Guet-Apens Extermination

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